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  1. Ronnie – just got through reading “A Lawyer”. The book, which took me only a few nights to read, had me from the first chapter. I can say that for those few days I could not think of much else than getting tucked into bed at night to read more. It was quite an eye opener in many ways. I could go back into time and remember those certain times, not knowing exactly what was going on – only that you were preoccupied – to say the least. I knew your life beyond your family was pretty intense and secret and that you seemed to be carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders – I just didn’t know to what extent.
    Now I passed the book onto my daughter Alicia who I talked to – and probably ruined it for, every night about the story – the real story of her uncle’s childhood and into what would be an incredible tenure of your career.
    You are a very talented writer – I have also read “Happy Birthday Jesus” when it was first released and I am starting “The Bear” as soon as Steve brings it this week.
    Best Wishes to you and Amanda and thanks for the really good read! Janel

  2. Thanks ,Janel, for your comments. I’m sorry for the delay in answering but the traditional publishers wouldn’t touch the book, so I decided to publish it myself. Which means that now I’m learning about distributing (selling) the book which has taken a lot of time especially for an old dinosaur like myself who has had to acquaint himself with modern technology in the process. I’m not complaining. I’m just glad as hell that I did publish it myself. Bur writing it is one thing and publishing it is entirely another. It’s taken a lot of time and learning. But believe me, comments like yours help keeping me going. So thanks.

  3. Hey Ron, I like the excerpts of your writings I’ve read. We knew each other at St. Mary’s – you were a senior when I was a freshman; then I met you at the Nick theater. Give me a call: 619-504-4714. I live in Capitola at the beach: 110 Capitola Ave, Apt 5. We got some catching up to do.

  4. Hello Mr. Ruiz,

    I am a college student at East Los Angeles College and I just finished reading Happy Birthday Jesus and even wrote a report along with a poster about what the book shows about the justice system and prejudice.

    I have to ask about a theory I have about why Jesus attacks Father Galvan because it never directly says in the book. I believe it is because he and Soledad covered up the rape and assult he did on Chole. That built up the guilt about it and in a way to prove his love for her, he wanted to kill the Father as a way to say sorry.

    Can you please fill me in if this is true or not??? It’s going to be in mind all the time until I find someone that can verify it or tell me the real reason.

    Thank you,
    Jeremy Salazar

  5. Mr. Ruiz, here is a voice from the past. Gordon Shepherd here. I had read your first two books before leaving Santa Cruz ( recently finished reading both of them for the third time – learning more every time) and, looking on Amazon found “A Lawyer” and “A Big Bear”. Good reading, all, and now I’ll look forward to the arrival of “Jesustita”. I want to say that I’ve been influenced by many remarkable people in my rather long life – and you are one of them. Thank you for that. Gordon Shepherd

  6. Writing some personal notes and mentioned and remembered you as a mentor and friend. I still have not read your last book but will be
    Ordering it soon. I now have been practicing for over 40 years. Still not retired doing mostly family law some criminal my clients mostly working people and farm workers. I was voleenterring /teaching a mock trial class but had to take a break because of an ear infection-getting better. Frank Urias and i were partners for 30 years, he’s now retired. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Herman:
      What a surprise. I was glad to hear from you and I guess that´s almost a million to one shot that I would. I gave up practicing law after 36 years, so my hat goes off to you. My wife, Amanda, and I have been living in Guanajuato, Mexico for the past ten years and feel really blessed to be here. She teaches at the university here and I continue to write. I think the one I finished last February entitled Long Life has been accepted for publication.
      I´m now working on another novel about a disbarred lawyer and wonder if readers will think it´s a memoir about myself. Anyway, she teaches and I write and we enjoy Mexico. It´s as simple as that. Thanks for thinking of me.
      Ron Ruiz

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