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Ronald L. Ruiz practiced criminal law for over 36 years in California. One of only six Mexican-American lawyers in Northern California during his early years, he saw a transformation in the criminal justice system that would make anyone wonder whether this was “progress.” After college, Ronald L. Ruiz went to law school “for all the wrong reasons.' After ten years of practicing criminal defense law, Ruiz returned to writing and began working on his critically acclaimed first novel, Happy Birthday Jesús (Arte Público Press, 1994). His second novel, Giuseppe Rocco (Arte Público Press, 1998), is the recipient of a national literary prize, the 1998 Premio Aztlán. Ron Ruiz “is at his best when depicting personal struggles,” says the San Jose Mercury News about his third novel, The Big Bear (Arte Público Press, 2003). A graduate of the University of San Francisco Law School, criminal defense attorney and former District Attorney of Santa Cruz County, Ruiz retired from criminal law and continues to write every day.

Blog tour… Day 11

Ruiz is a gifted writer. With prose describing even the most subtle of nuances, he writes Jesusita’s story… A well written and inspiring story despite the raw and brutal truth found between the covers of Jesusita deserves your attention. I hope today I have caught you with something that makes you want to read this part of our country’s history. And the history of our neighbors to the south, the Hispanic Americans who still fight for a better life. I highly recommend Jesusita… Although I rarely award a star rating on this blog, today I give Jesusita and her author, Ronald L. Ruiz, five stars for the quality of writing and the intense truth shared so well.  Puddletown Reviews.



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¨…a beautiful, breathtaking and an unforgettable read that’s not likely to let the reader go for a very long time.¨  Svetlana´s Reads and Views

¨I would recommend this book to everyone but know that it might be hard at times to read and even I had to put the book down at times for a few days because it was just too much to read at times.¨The World Aw I See It

Jesusita will be on a blog tour…

Starting tomorrow, Nov. 2, through Nov. 20, my recent novel Jesusita will be on a blog tour. There will be 16 tour stops. If you are interested in following along, you can check it out at iRead Book Tours.

Jesusita published

My fifth book, Jesusita, is out and it’s available now at Amika Press, and Amazon (paperback and on Kindle). It is also available through Barnes & Noble, Nook, iBook, and Kobo. Check out my “Published works” page for more information. Check out my Facebook page.

Jesusita cover final

On being a writer…

After reading Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment at the age of 17, I knew I wanted to be a writer. But I knew nothing about the craft. My first novel, Happy Birthday Jesús, was published 36 years later. Surprisingly, it received good reviews.

Praise for the work of Ronald L. Ruiz: “The sparse, simple prose lets the story tell itself… The supporting characters are briefly but fully drawn… Few readers will be able to forget the chilling experiences of a forlorn hero who’s destined to take his place next to Bigger Thomas (of Richard Wright’s Native Son) in the honor roll of seminal characters in American literature.”

–Publishers Weekly (featured review) on Happy Birthday Jesús

For many years, I was a criminal defense attorney and at the end of my career a prosecutor, but I always managed to find time to write. What I saw and experienced during those years often serves as a basis for my writing. For me, learning how to write has been a long, continuous and, at times, torturous process.

Now retired, I try to write every day and I feel fortunate that I have found something in writing that sustains me. I’m glad I persevered during all those years of rejection. More than anything, writing about what I see and experience in life has given me a sense of worth.

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